The amount of back child support that Stevie J allegedly owes might shock his fans in Illinois. His attempt to settle his case for over $1 million in missed child support payments out of court has failed, and a court has scheduled his trial.

The outstanding sum arose from his child support agreement that required him to pay $8,557 every month for his son and daughter. In comments that the hip hop musician gave to an entertainment news website, he said that the case had no merit. He insisted that he had been providing for his children.

As of 2014, he had reportedly fallen behind on payments by $1.1 million. Despite the large figure, he appeared to be maintaining a good relationship with his family. While attending a concert in May, he stayed in the same hotel as his children and their mother. He said that everyone enjoyed the show, where performances included hits that he had helped produce. In regards to his court case, he said that the prosecutors have to do their jobs, and he expects to emerge victorious.

The failure to pay child support can result in serious consequences to the obligor in addition to causing hardship to the recipient and the couple’s children. Sanctions could include wage garnishment, the interception of income tax refunds and bank account levies. In some cases the delinquent parent could face jail time. It is thus advisable for a parent who has become unable to pay due to a financial downturn to have legal assistance in seeking a modification of the order from the court having jurisdiction over the matter.

Source: Hip Hox Dx, “Stevie J Ordered To Trial For $1.1 million In Child Support“, William Ketchum III, May 24, 2016