On March 31, an Illinois veteran who had served in the armed forces for 20 years stated that he was hit with child support fines due to an error made by the state. According to the man, the state seized his $700 tax refund and claimed he owed more even though his monthly child support is taken directly out of his paycheck.

The veteran stated that the problem may have occurred due to a mix-up. Occasionally, the Army issues paychecks a few days early. As a result, the state may have applied the funds set aside for child support to the wrong month. This would have caused him to be late and would have resulted in a missing payment and late fees. However, when he called to get everything straightened out, he claimed that staff treated him as if he was a deadbeat parent.

Health and Family Services responded to the accusations claiming that a court order change resulted in the discrepancy. An additional charge was added to May 2015. While the agency stated that it intended to correct the issue immediately, the veteran was concerned that others in similar situations may be overpaying due to similar mistakes.

When parents end their marriage, the non-custodial parent is often ordered to pay child support. These funds help the custodial parent pay for the kids’ everyday expenses, medical needs and school-associated costs. Those who fail to comply with the order could see their wages garnished, among other consequences. However, if the failure to pay is due to a procedural error, a family law attorney can often assist in handling the matter.

Source: Fox 32, “Chicago Veteran Warns Others After Error Causes Him to Pay Child Support Fines“, Larry Yellen, March 31, 2016