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Child support basics

Many Illinois parents who are separating or going through a divorce will have to deal with the issue of child support. In most cases, the non-custodial parent will be ordered to pay support, with the amount being based in part upon state guidelines that take into account a variety of factors. If the parents were never married and the mother wishes support, however, paternity will first need to be established if the father hasn't acknowledged it.

Fathers fight for equal rights in family court

Illinois fathers who are divorcing may seek equal parenting time with their children but find that they still must rely upon their former spouse to get crucial information. For example, one father was told by the mother of their child that she did not have to inform him of their child's schedule for school events or medical appointments even though he had a court order stating that he had a right to attend. Furthermore, fathers who do attend sometimes feel as though they are the less important parent compared to the mother.

Divorced parents should plan ahead for summer

Spring is when Illinois parents who are divorced need to start thinking about summer vacations with their children and communicating with each other about those plans. Some parents have notice provisions in their formal parenting document, and 60 days is often considered appropriate.

Error causes Army veteran to overpay child support

On March 31, an Illinois veteran who had served in the armed forces for 20 years stated that he was hit with child support fines due to an error made by the state. According to the man, the state seized his $700 tax refund and claimed he owed more even though his monthly child support is taken directly out of his paycheck.

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