Texting provides people with a very convenient way to quickly get messages to one another. This convenience, however, could create some problematic temptations for individuals who are going through a divorce. Specifically, at times, they may be tempted to send impulsive texts to their ex.

Avoiding this temptation is very important. This is because impulsive texts to one’s ex could have a variety of negative ramifications.

For one, they could lead to emotional confusion and embarrassment. There are all kinds conflicting emotions that can be present during a divorce, and ill-considered texts can needlessly complicate things even further.

They could also erode communication channels and make things more contentious between ex-spouses. Angry or mean-spirited texts can do this. Added contentiousness could make the divorce process more difficult and eroded communications could make working together on important matters, like matters regarding the kids, a much more challenging proposition.

Impulsive texts could even lead to a person facing problems in divorce proceedings. Depending on the content of an impulsive text, one’s ex might try to get it added in as evidence in the divorce case.

Individuals who have questions about whether a text (or other communication) that they sent their ex or that their ex sent them could have implications in their divorce should have a discussion on the matter with a skilled divorce lawyer.

As this discussion underscores, what communications one sends one’s ex can be a very big deal. Thus, when it comes to texts or any other electronic communications to one’s ex, it is important to think carefully before hitting “send.”

Source: The Huffington Post, “8 Texts You Should Never Send Your Ex,” Brittany Wong, March 3, 2016