Just because a person has no previous DUIs on their record does not mean it will not be a serious matter if they have drunk driving allegations leveled against them. Even first-time DUI charges can lead to major consequences for a person. Today, we will goes over some of the things a person can face on a first-time DUI conviction in Illinois.

Such a conviction may, for a good amount of time, severely hurt a person’s ability to get around. Such a conviction carries with it a loss of full driving privileges for a minimum of one year.

A first-time DUI can also hit a person hard in the pocketbook. For one, individuals can be given up to a $2,500 fine on a first-offense DUI conviction.

A person’s record will also be hurt from a first-time DUI conviction. Such a conviction goes on both their criminal record and their driving record. Record blemishes can have many negative effects on a person. For one, such blemishes could limit a person’s employment opportunities.

A person’s very freedom can also be at stake in cases involving allegations of first-offense DUI. A first-time DUI conviction can lead to a person being given a prison sentence of up to one year. Serving prison time can have considerable ramifications in many different aspects of a person’s life.

As this underscores, the stakes are not small for individuals accused of first-time DUI in Illinois. Consequently, when facing such an accusation, protecting one’s rights through promptly getting the representation of a skilled DUI defense lawyer can be of incredible importance. 

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