It has become increasingly more common for divorcing couples in Illinois to have it out with one another over custody — custody of pets, that is. With prevailing family law viewing pets as property, establishing custody over what most people view as another member of the family can be difficult although certainly not impossible. After filing for divorce, actress Mandy Moore — the voice of Rapunzel in the popular Disney movie Tangled — is currently caring for all eight animals that she once shared with her soon-to-be ex-husband Ryan Adams, although she is now asking for something more.

Adams reportedly makes over $150,000 every month, a portion of which he will possibly use to pay Moore alimony if her request for spousal support is approved. Their divorce was filed earlier this year in Jan. 2015. Since then, Moore has apparently been the primary caretaker for the animals, both physically as well as financially. With only a quarter of Adams’ income, Moore claims that properly caring for the pets is creating an increasing strain for her.

According to court documents, the actress filed a petition for Adams to begin monthly payments to be used exclusively for animal care. Although the requested amount totals $37,000, Moore is only asking that he take financial responsibility for four of their once-shared animals. It is not clear which four she believes he should still be held responsible for supporting.

While it might be more common for Illinois couples who are ready to divorce to hammer out pet custody agreements between themselves, pet support is still startlingly less common. Consideration for the cost of caring for the pets might be included in monthly alimony, although there is no absolute guarantee that this will occur. However, should an individual believe that he or she is either receiving too little alimony or paying too much, petitioning the court to have that monthly amount adjusted is typically the most effective course of action to take.

Source:, “Actress Mandy Moore Asks Ex Ryan Adams to Pay ‘Pet Support’ in Divorce Documents“, Kipp Jones, Dec. 12, 2015