Most people in Illinois might agree that divorce is never easy. Family law issues surrounding a marital separation can be exacerbated when there are children involved. Parents embattled in child custody debates and/or issues concerning visitation or future ongoing relationships can become complicated and hostile if those involved cannot find a way to negotiate in an amicable manner.

One man, a father of two teenage girls, recently held signs up in public as a form of protest associated with a judge’s recent decision to deny him the right to see his daughters. The heartbroken father stated that he has not seen his children in two years. He adamantly blames the circumstances on “parental alienation,” a tactic used to manipulate children into believing that one of their parents is responsible for all the problems in their lives.

Sadly, a custodial parent sometimes uses alienation tactics to turn kids away from the non-custodial parent and makes them not want to see him or her because their thoughts have been deeply influenced. The man said that he has never harmed his daughters in any way and that he loves his children immensely. He further stated that there is no just cause for forbidding him to see his kids and that he blames his former wife for perpetuating a situation that he believes has harmed his daughters, emotionally and otherwise.

Apparently, the judge involved ordered the man to undergo psychiatric testing and also spoke to the man’s daughters privately in his chambers before issuing the recent decision to deny the man’s right to see his children. Paternal rights, child custody arrangements, visitation, support and other family law issues can linger on for months or years in situations where former spouses are unable to negotiate on peaceful terms. Any Illinois parent who believes that his or her rights have been violated may want to retain legal advocacy in the matter in order to pursue the issue in court.

Source:, “Business Owner in Child Custody Battle Protests in Front of Courthouse in Boone“, Jesse Wood, Dec. 3, 2015