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What if I change my mind after the divorce is finalized?

There are a number of grounds on which a divorce may be filed in Illinois, one of which is considered to be irreconcilable differences. Commonly referred to as a no-fault divorce, irreconcilable differences are typically thought of as just that -- irreconcilable. While divorce is generally a fairly permanent process, an out-of-state couple has some raising questions about what happens when those differences are reconcilable after all.

Mandy Moore seeks pet support following divorce

It has become increasingly more common for divorcing couples in Illinois to have it out with one another over custody -- custody of pets, that is. With prevailing family law viewing pets as property, establishing custody over what most people view as another member of the family can be difficult although certainly not impossible. After filing for divorce, actress Mandy Moore -- the voice of Rapunzel in the popular Disney movie Tangled -- is currently caring for all eight animals that she once shared with her soon-to-be ex-husband Ryan Adams, although she is now asking for something more.

Domestic violence orders may help to prevent ongoing abuse

During this time when the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is observed across the world, victims are reminded that protection is available. Through the Illinois court system, domestic violence orders may provide temporary protection until further action can be taken. Despite projects focused on creating awareness, statistics show that domestic violence remains prevalent.

Family law issues sometimes ongoing after divorce

Most people in Illinois might agree that divorce is never easy. Family law issues surrounding a marital separation can be exacerbated when there are children involved. Parents embattled in child custody debates and/or issues concerning visitation or future ongoing relationships can become complicated and hostile if those involved cannot find a way to negotiate in an amicable manner.

Some Illinois parents may face child support issues in divorce

Married couples typically do not foresee divorce as part of their futures together. However, it is  fact of life that some marriages in Illinois do result in divorce. When a parent has physical custody of his or her children, he or she may face financial challenges that warrant legal advice concerning child support issues.

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