Equitable and fair divorce settlements rely on the honest and accurate reporting of all assets and financial situations from both parties. It might seem difficult or even impossible for one spouse to hide or conceal important financial information from the other party, but this type of fraud occurs at a startling rate during divorce. In some instances, it is necessary for Illinois couples to recruit outside help in order to uncover assets that have been deftly concealed.

Although they might not be obvious at the time, certain behaviors before or after a divorce filing can indicate that some type of fraud or dishonest behavior is going on. Repeated withdrawals of large sums of cash, rerouted or hidden mail and concealing certain financial information that was once readily available can all be signs that a person is not being entirely honest during property division. If this type of behavior has been going on for quite some time, digging up the evidence of that fraud can be exceptionally difficult.

A forensic accounting analyst might sound like a position on a criminal investigation TV show, but retaining one can be invaluable for uncovering hidden assets. These professionals excel at tracing funds that have been funneled through various dummy accounts and can even help confirm that certain assets were comingled, making a previously separate property a marital asset. The more money that is at stake, the more useful an accounting professional can be.

No one deserves to be cheated out of a fair divorce settlement, especially during a period of time that might already be difficult enough. When financial statements do not add up during property division, some people might be justified in engaging the help of a professional financial analyst. While most divorcees in Illinois likely hope that they will never have to encounter this situation, being prepared is can help individuals more readily tackle issues as they arise.

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