Perhaps best known to most people in Illinois for his roles in the most recent Batman movies, actor Gary Oldman recently finalized his divorce. Details were released concerning his and Alexandra Edenborough’s divorce agreement, which includes information concerning how certain property was divided. Multiple homes and significant assets were at stake in the divorce.

Edenborough, a singer, and Oldman were married for six years before making the decision to file for divorce. Although it is not known if the couple had any type of marital agreement, the details of their settlement state that both parties will retain the rights to their individual ventures in the entertainment industry. While those rights were not up for grabs during property division, other marital assets still had to be sorted out.

In making the break from Oldman, Edenborough will receive $3.3 million. On the other hand, Oldman will keep a number of vehicles as well as two different homes that the couple used. Information regarding the rest of their divided assets was not readily clear, but a significant number of marital assets were subject to equitable distribution.

It can be easy to forget that celebrities are still people with the same ups and downs in life as the rest of us, but situations such as this can be prime examples for couples in Illinois who are uncertain about the divorce process. Whether a fear stems from making that first move or from concerns over dividing an especially large estate, these issues are not insurmountable. With the right tools — such as mediation or a collaborative divorce — most couples can successfully complete the divorce process with minimal problems.

Source:, “Judge finalizes Gary Oldman’s divorce“, Oct. 1, 2015