Could there be a perfect time to walk down the aisle, or is age really nothing more than a number? According to one researcher, age actually plays a pretty obvious role in a couple’s chance of divorcing some time down the road. Age is not the only factor that can influence divorce though, as the same researcher also concluded that having a child before tying the knot can increase the risk of having to determine property division and child custody down the road.

The researcher found areas that were too hot and too cold surrounding the “just right” age range for marriage. Couples in Illinois who married before hitting their late 20s or after 32 years old were far more likely to end up divorced later on. Even though most people tend to have more financial security and education at age 32, the divorce risk is still higher and continues to climb 5 percent for each additional year. Before hitting the mid-20s, the higher divorce rate is possibly linked to a lack of maturity in couples and possible financial insecurity.

Couples who have children before getting married are more likely to have additional drama in their relationships. This is believed to influence their risk of divorce. This did not appear to be affected by the age of the couple.

Parents in Illinois tend to have special concerns during the divorce process. Child custody can be an emotional issue to address, but the details of any custody agreement should still focus on whatever is in the best interest of the child. While a growing number of families are choosing joint custody, depending on various circumstances, it can still be advantageous to have one parent hold primary custody.

Source:, “Divorce rises for those who wed too early or too late. Perfect age to tie the knot?“, Heather Holeman, Oct. 21, 2015