The time leading up to filing for divorce can sometimes feel as though it is slowing down, but after filing the papers, it can be a different story. Suddenly, time can feel as though it is moving faster than ever. Instead of panicking after you file for divorce, keep the following tips in mind.

Prior to starting the divorce process, the majority of Illinois couples do not have all of their relevant tax and financial information in a single place. Some documents might be easy enough to find or get a hold of, but others can take time. Shortly after filing, begin gathering all of the necessary financial documents and store them in an area that is both safe and easily accessible for later use.

After getting all of those documents together, opening up a separate banking account can be a good second step. This is especially important for couples who previously maintained joint accounts, and can perhaps be even more important for individuals who might have used a bank account that only had their spouse’s name. In both situations, creating a new account and changing deposits to it can help prevent a sudden cut-off from access to funds.

For many people in Illinois, the process of deciding whether to file for divorce — even when it is undoubtedly the right move to make — can consume much of their thoughts prior to actually doing so. This can lead to worries at the beginning of the divorce process, particularly financial concerns. By taking a few steps to secure important documents and ensure continued access to a bank account, divorcees can proceed with an added level of certainty.

Source:, “How To Prepare For a Divorce”, Sarah Chang, Sept. 23, 2015