Divorce is often framed in a negative context, and from what most people see on TV or at the movies, there is often little evidence suggesting otherwise. While, of course, most couples in Illinois did not marry with the intention of divorcing one day, that does not necessarily mean that the process has to be a miserable, drawn out ordeal. In a new trend sweeping across the Internet, some divorced couples are showing just how positive a divorce can be.

After finalizing their divorce, a once-married couple snapped a selfie of themselves smiling and posted it online. In a matter of only one week, it was shared about 36,000 times and kick started a trend of divorce selfies. Soon, other couples who successfully untied the knot began taking divorce selfies that show both parties happy and smiling. Most of these pictures were posted to the popular image-sharing site Instagram.

Is the trend of cheesing it up for a divorce just a grab for attention? According to researchers, maybe not. A 2005 study noted that divorced couples have considerable psychological gains from a divorce, even if they might suffer somewhat briefly during the process. Another study from 2013 seemed to confirm those findings when it discovered that women tend to be much happier once divorced.

There is no one right or wrong way to respond to a divorce, and often there might be feelings of both grief and joy intertwined. However, in the long term, an unhappy couple can apparently benefit far more from calling it a day and deciding to bring their marriage to an end. While a divorce cannot solve everything, for some couples in Illinois, it might be enough to inspire a selfie.

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