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Can my ex really change our child custody agreement and move?

With the Internet connecting people all across the globe, the world might seem quite a bit smaller than it did even a few years ago. However, for a parent facing the relocation of his or her child, a move outside of Illinois state lines can feel overwhelming. While concerning, there are specific laws that apply to child custody and the removal of a child from one state to another.

Divorce agreement unfair, Terrence Howard claims

Though typically utilized as the final conclusion to divorce proceedings, divorce settlements are not necessarily as concrete as they are often perceived to be, whether in Illinois or elsewhere. Although actor Terrence Howard divorced his wife several years ago, the couple are now back in court over allegations that their divorce settlement was not entirely fair. According to Howard, Michelle Ghent -- his ex-wife -- threatened to release unfavorable details to the public if he refused to agree to their current divorce agreement.

Surprising indicators that divorce could be in the future

Although every couple and marriage in Illinois is different and inherently unique, the driving factors behind divorce can be surprisingly similar. Mere correlations between various indicators and a higher divorce rate in no way imply that certain couples are bound to divorce, but the statistics can still be an interesting indication of possible future outcomes. For some couples, it can also serve as a gentle reminder to be prepared as possible by utilizing a prenuptial agreement.

Should I be worried about my finances now, or after divorce?

Whether the divorce process has only just begun or is on the cusp of completion, attention to future financial stability should rarely be placed on the back burner. When first filing, the end of the road can seem like such a distant event that some people might fall under the wrong impression that taking care of finances can wait. Although it is never too late to start planning for financial security after divorce, those who begin planning as early as possible might have the best shot at achieving long-term stability.

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