Simply completing the divorce process might be easy enough, but finalizing a divorce that both parties feel pleased with can take a little more attention to detail. Both parties likely have individual hopes for the divorce’s outcome, such as alimony or a division of property that they believe to be fair. For Illinois couples, a successful outcome for their divorce might be easier than they think.

Part of concluding a divorce that everyone feels pleased with is simply taking the time to plan. Many divorce experts advise that people start planning before they actually file in order to have the most realistic expectations possible. For instance, if one spouse hopes to receive alimony in a divorce settlement, it is important to understand how years married affects what he or she hopes to receive. 

Another part of planning ahead is reviewing and gathering any and all financial documentation. This includes much more than logging on to the Internet and taking note of a checking account balance. Those planning to divorce should be sure to look into all investments, credit cards and even retirement accounts. Understanding current and potential future financial standing can be a huge factor in a successful divorce.

While some couples in Illinois might continue to butt heads over who gets what and exactly what their finances entail, for the most part, taking the time to plan ahead can clear away much of the confusion and tension surrounding many common issues in divorce. Admittedly, this often means that more time is spent up front, but the actual divorce process of a couple where both parties took the time to look ahead and anticipate their future needs might be quicker than is typical. However, divorcees should keep in mind that a judge is still required to approve a divorce settlement before it is finalized.

Source: The Huffington Post, “8 Insiders’ Tips for a Successful Divorce“, Elinor Robin, PhD, June 8, 2015