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Debt does not disappear during divorce

Much like acquiring joint assets, accumulating marital debt is typically very common for Illinois couples. However, filing for divorce does not negate any legal obligation to repay the debt. Nevertheless, exactly who should pay what does become a serious concern. Addressed during division of property, debt must be divided between both parties before a judge can approve a divorce settlement.

Adoption could soon be easier for some Illinois parents

For expecting parents, waiting nine months for the birth of a child can feel like a lifetime. However, adoptive parents often have to deal with especially long wait times and, unlike a pregnancy with a clearly defined due date, the finalization of an adoption is not always so clear. Illinois adoptive parents might soon find some reprieve from long wait times as the state implements a system that would speed up the process. 

Plan ahead for a better divorce, experts say

Simply completing the divorce process might be easy enough, but finalizing a divorce that both parties feel pleased with can take a little more attention to detail. Both parties likely have individual hopes for the divorce's outcome, such as alimony or a division of property that they believe to be fair. For Illinois couples, a successful outcome for their divorce might be easier than they think.

Divorce doesn't have to be so stressful

According to research out of a prominent university, there could be a possible link between divorce and certain health issues that could lead to an earlier death. At this point, the relationship the researchers noted is simply a correlation and should not be used as any type of evidence for avoiding a much-needed divorce. As part of the blame for earlier death lies squarely on the shoulders of added stress, remaining in an unhappy marriage might have a similar impact. 

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