For many single and divorced parents in Illinois, child support is an invaluable resource for ensuring the continued financial support of a child. Although support is typically determined according to state guidelines, there are instances when a modification or challenge to a child support order may be necessary. We understand how important it is to a child’s well-being to make sure that the support their parent receives or pays is the correct amount.

So how exactly is child support determined in the first place? A judge will take into account the income of the non-custodial parent, how many children he or she has and some normal deductions. This comes out as a certain percentage of the non-custodial parent’s income that is then paid to the parent that holds primary custody.

However, there are loopholes that can be utilized to decrease the amount that is actually owed, and some individuals purposely under-report earnings or withhold W-2s to appear as though their income is much less than it actually is. We understand how these tactics work, and our firm utilizes specialized software that can reveal the actual income that a non-custodial parent earns. This is one situation in which petitioning the court for a deviation from the standard calculation can be an appropriate course of action to take.

While children can certainly suffer when a parent intentionally hides his or her income in an effort to pay less support, they can also suffer financial harm when a parent is ordered to pay more than he or she really should. This could be due to a change in income or other serious life changes. Whether or not a parent suspects that he or she is paying or receiving the wrong amount of child support, there is no need to continue without making any attempt to correct it. We are dedicated to helping the parents of Illinois ensure that their child support payments are in the correct amount that will prove to be most beneficial to their children.