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Deviations from child support orders are possible with our help

For many single and divorced parents in Illinois, child support is an invaluable resource for ensuring the continued financial support of a child. Although support is typically determined according to state guidelines, there are instances when a modification or challenge to a child support order may be necessary. We understand how important it is to a child's well-being to make sure that the support their parent receives or pays is the correct amount.

Ex-spouse's Social Security benefits a possibility after divorce

Any money, investments or other assets saved for retirement during a marriage have typically been stashed away for future use by both parties. Retirement funds and other investments are usually addressed during a couple's division of property, but there is an often overlooked source of income during the retirement years that is not necessarily considered during a divorce. Even if an Illinois couple split many years ago, one party may still be able to file for Social Security benefits based upon his or her ex-spouse's work history.

How is child support handled in Illinois?

Usually, a parent who has primary custody of a child is entitled to receive child support payments from his or her child's other parent. While there are standard guidelines in Illinois for how much a parent should be responsible for paying, there are instances in which judges may decide that an amount other than the standard is appropriate. Additionally, parents can also be responsible for costs other than child support. 

Researchers detail effects of child custody on kids

In Illinois and all across the country, there seems to be no end to the discussion regarding child custody and which type of arrangement is likely to be the most beneficial to children. Now, some researchers believe that their research might reverse some people's opinions on the matter. As it turns out, one child custody arrangement that was once thought to be too stressful for kids may actually be beneficial.

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