Does the age at which you marry really matter? For some in Illinois, young love feels like enough to say “I do,” while others may hold out on walking down the aisle for a few years. However, the results of census data and information and studies published by the CDC, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and the American Sociological Association show that getting married at a young age can affect the likelihood of a marriage ending in divorce

Specifically, individuals who marry before turning 20 years old are typically much more likely than their older counterparts to get divorced. Conversely, individuals who hold out until age 25 are much less likely to see their marriages in divorce. Of course there is much more than the age at which one married at play in a divorce, but studies do show that it can be a strong indicator.

Studies have also shown that children can signal future troubles for couples. Couples who are expecting a child when they get married or who already have children from that relationship or previous relationships tend to divorce at higher rates than those who wait to have children after marriage. The push that some people feel to get married for the benefit of children may be the reason for this statistic.

In the end, every marriage in Illinois is unique, and the factors that lead to divorce are just as unique. While age and the existence or timing of children can possibly affect a couple’s chance for divorce, there are many other factors to consider, such as financial woes or simple incompatibility. Regardless of the reason a couple cites as the cause for a divorce, both parties will often benefit from sound legal advice.

Source:, “Infographic: Divorce Statistics“, Livia Gershon, Feb. 16, 2015