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Ready to divorce, woman serves papers through Facebook

From pregnancy announcements to pictures from vacation, communication and information sharing now takes place online more than ever. Facebook -- an exceptionally popular social media website -- is often used as a hub for users in Illinois to share updates about day-to-day life. However, an out-of-state woman recently found a unique way to incorporate Facebook into her divorce.

Some factors drive divorce more than others

Much like a fingerprint, marriages and divorces are mostly unique, with different factors playing a role in each process. However, just as one couple's divorce may differ from another's, there may be more similarity lurking behind divorce filings than most people in Illinois expect. One group of researchers found that some factors may be more prone to influence divorce than others.

Filing for divorce? Make sure you consider the future

Depending on the situation, some people might have the ultimate goal of getting out of a marriage as quickly as possible. While there may be certain situations that can call for an abrupt end to divorce proceedings, in order to preserve any semblance of financial stability, taking time to consider the implications of various options can ultimately result in the most favorable outcome possible. For most couples, this means keeping the attention on the long-term, and not just the immediate. 

Studies say age may affect your chance for divorce

Does the age at which you marry really matter? For some in Illinois, young love feels like enough to say "I do," while others may hold out on walking down the aisle for a few years. However, the results of census data and information and studies published by the CDC, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and the American Sociological Association show that getting married at a young age can affect the likelihood of a marriage ending in divorce

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