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Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe divorce caused by age

According to Ryan Phillippe, age may not be just a number after all. Although the couple split several years back, he only recently cited his and Reese Witherspoon's young age at the time of their marriage as one of the contributing factors to their divorce. Prior to this confession, Phillippe had been notably quiet about the subject of his divorce.

Divorce peaks in March, Valentine's Day could be to blame

Internet search histories can reveal a lot about any given individual. Researchers hoping to discern certain patterns or behaviors often analyze the searches made on a search engine in a given period of time. As it turns out, the month of March is pretty popular for searching for all things divorce.

Bill proposes big changes to child custody in Illinois

Makeovers sometimes seem to be all the rage and are often featured in TV shows and movies, transforming an otherwise fashion-backwards individual into a more conventional beauty. People aren't the only things that can undergo a somewhat drastic transformation, as evidenced by the recent bill that proposes changes to divorce and child custody in Illinois. Originally passed in 1977, there were some who felt that the law pertaining to the divorce process was long overdue for an update. 

You think you're ready for adoption, should it be open or closed?

Whether through birth or adoption, welcoming a new child into a family can be one of the most joyous occasions in life. To a certain degree, both require a certain amount of consideration, such as determining where a mother wants to give birth or with what type of adoption a family feels most comfortable. While stepparent adoptions might not have to deal with weighing the benefits of an open adoption against a closed one, many adoptive parents do face this decision during the adoption process.

Illinois couples have different needs during divorce

Increasingly, collaborative divorces seem to be a popular method of ending a marriage. Although heading to court remains an option, should this approach fail, some couples find that alternative dispute resolutions give them more power over the final terms of the divorce settlement. However, this approach is understandably not appropriate for every divorcing couple, and there are clear pros and cons to both methods of ending a marriage.

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