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A child support modification does not have to wait

It is possible that change may truly be the only constant in life. Jobs may come and go, and certain events can necessitate a significant move. For divorced parents, many of these types of changes mean that at least one more change is necessary. For those who have a child custody or child support agreement in Illinois, a modification may be in order.

Will my taxes be affected by my divorce?

Even if you and your ex have already split and settled on every aspect of the divorce settlement, you'll likely still need to watch how its terms might affect your taxes for the next several years. Depending on when you and your ex legally divorced, you may even still be able to file jointly to retain married tax benefits for one last year in Illinois. It can also be beneficial to consider how the various terms of a divorce settlement may affect future taxes, as in some situations it could affect any decisions that are made. 

Thinking of filing for divorce? You may be in good company

Starting fresh is a common theme for many people around the New Year. From resolutions to spend more time outdoors or to watch less TV, turning over a new leaf might entail much more for some Illinois couples. As it turns out, the start of the New Year is the right time for a lot of couples to finally file for divorce.

Chris Rock says prenuptial agreement expired before the divorce

Increasingly, signing a prenuptial agreement before saying "I do" appears to be far from uncommon for Illinois couples. Less common, however, is the sunset provision. A sunset provision can provide an expiration date for a prenuptial agreement or mandate that certain assets not be included in asset division if a marriage didn't last long enough. If the couple remains married for a set amount of time according to a sunset provision before dividing to divorce, the agreement may no longer be enforceable. 

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