Whether reached through mutual agreement or by the order of a judge, a divorce agreement must be followed by the details that were outlined. There are likely some people in Illinois who think that a minor violation may not be a big deal, but in reality, a violation can result in being held in contempt of court. The ex-wife of NFL player Deion Sanders was recently sent to jail after being found in contempt of court for violating the couple’s divorce agreement.

The trouble apparently began this past summer, when Pilar Sanders was scheduled to return the children to Deion on July 31, 2014. Upon going to her residence in order to retrieve the children from their summer visitation with their mother, Deion Sanders said there was no answer at the door. It apparently took an additional two visits before the children were finally returned to their father, although it required the help of law enforcement and a court order. Afterward, Pilar Sanders reported her children as kidnapped, although these allegations were later dropped. 

Once in court, Pilar Sanders told the court that she did not acknowledge any jurisdiction that it held. Furthermore, she contended that, although she lives in America, she is Moorish American. According to her, she is not bound by American law because she is actually under the Moroccan flag.

No matter what rules or laws a person believes that he or she is bound by, a divorce agreement — either settled or ordered — must be followed. As a result of Pilar Sanders’ refusal to comply with her divorce agreement, the judge overseeing the case ended up sentencing her to a week in jail followed by a year of probation. If a person in Illinois is struggling with an ex who refuses to comply with an agreement, it is possible to petition the court for an enforcement.

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