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Alimony after a divorce isn't always clear cut

Every family in Illinois is unique. Many families have two working parents, though extenuating circumstances could leave a family with both adults out of work. These choices are often very personal and may seem to have an otherwise negligible effect on other aspects of life, but that may not be so during a divorce. If you're ready to divorce, but only one of the two of you worked throughout the marriage -- or if one of you vastly out earned the other -- those choices could play a significant role in proceedings.

Do I need to worry about my spouse's finances before divorce?

For many people in Illinois, the start of a new year is like turning over a new leaf. For those who have had divorce on their minds, they may finally feel ready to move forward with the process. However as it is far from uncommon for couples to maintain completely separate finances, preparation before filing the papers may be advisable as being completely unaware of a spouse's financial matters can leave a person feeling blindsided.

Deion Sanders' ex in contempt of court over divorce agreement

Whether reached through mutual agreement or by the order of a judge, a divorce agreement must be followed by the details that were outlined. There are likely some people in Illinois who think that a minor violation may not be a big deal, but in reality, a violation can result in being held in contempt of court. The ex-wife of NFL player Deion Sanders was recently sent to jail after being found in contempt of court for violating the couple's divorce agreement.

Hamm divorce back to court over ex-wife's appeal

Splitting up property during a divorce can be a somewhat tedious task, although with proper detail and care, the outcome can be incredibly beneficial to both parties. Illinois law holds that marital assets shall be equitably divided, which is not to say that each person will receive half, but that both parties are entitled to an equally fair portion of the joint estate. Many other states have divorce laws similar to this, such as the state that billionaire Harold Hamm and his ex recently divorced in. While much of the proceedings were closed, Sue Ann Arnall -- his ex -- has filed an appeal over her award.

Pet custody, not child custody, sends some couples to court

The typical American pet tends to be far more than just another cat or dog. Many families consider their pets to be family members, but the divorce process does not handle pets in the same fashion as child custody. To avoid warring over custody of a dog, more and more couples are turning to prenuptial agreements.

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