Most people in Illinois are likely following the divorce of local billionaire Ken Griffin and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Anne. Recent reports have noted that Mrs. Griffin has filed a petition to have their prenuptial agreement invalidated in their divorce proceedings. However, Mr. Griffin has rebutted several of her accusations.

As we discussed on Sept. 16 (“Ann Griffin says prenup should be thrown out in divorce”), Mrs. Griffin claimed that she was forced to sign the agreement under less than favorable circumstances. Not so, says her husband. He claims that Mrs. Griffin had adequate time to review the agreement and that it was actually signed weeks before the wedding, not days.

Additionally, he has named three separate law firms that he says helped her negotiate the terms of the agreement, giving her a more favorable stance. He claims that the agreement provides her complete financial independence, although she believes that she’s only receiving about 1 percent of his billions. Although Mrs. Griffin has not commented on his claims, Mr. Griffin also says that he made a payment of $20 million in Dec. 2005. This, he says, was an advance for the $22.5 million lump sum that the prenup outlined she should receive. Later on, he said he gave her another $5 million.

Unfortunately, the accusations made by both parties likely made it difficult to come to an agreement on a divorce settlement through either mutual negotiation or mediation with a third party. For those in Illinois who are facing similar complications in their divorce, it may ultimately be necessary to take divorce proceedings to court. However, most people may find that working the settlement out for themselves may ultimately be preferable, as going to court gives a judge the final decision on any outstanding issues.

Source: Forbes, “Billionaire Ken Griffin Claims He Already Paid His Wife Tens of Millions In Divorce Case“, Nathan Vardi, Oct. 2, 2014