When discussing the divorce process, much of the attention may appear to be focused on how to sail through as smoothly as possible. However, at times, this is simply not possible. For some people in Illinois who are going through a divorce, there may be times when it is simply okay to disagree with how things are proceeding. 

Standing up for your financial needs can help ensure a better post-divorce life for you and any children that you may have. If you’re eligible for alimony — also known as spousal support — you may simply be excited to see that you’re getting anything at all from your ex. As alimony can be so important, it is vital that the amount you receive reflects both what your ex is able to pay and what you require. If you believe that you’re receiving the short end of the stick, don’t be afraid to say so.

It may also be beneficial to avoid being docile or submissive when it comes to determining child custody. If you and your ex are attempting to work out an arrangement through either negotiations or mediation, the children should be at the forefront of the decision. For instance, is it really in a child’s best interest for their parents to have joint equal custody when one parent is constantly on the road for business? 

While working through divorce proceedings in a timely manner may be important to some, simply going through with only a timeline as a priority can hurt in the long run. Illinois couples can benefit from being aware of their rights in property division and alimony, and should always consider any child’s best interest in many of these decisions. If you believe your ex is being unreasonable, it may be necessary to disagree.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Top 3 Times When It’s Okay to Say “No” in Divorce Proceedings“, Brendan Lyle and Rachel Reda, Oct. 8, 2014