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Worried about losing money in divorce? Nick Cannon may not be

Financial stability is at the forefront of many people's minds when considering a divorce. While this is an understandable concern, coming out in the red after a divorce settlement seems to be a popular divorce myth that isn't always true. Instead, some Illinois couples may actually fare better afterward. 

We can help you on the road to a successful stepparent adoption

No matter how you become a family, there may be no greater joy than welcoming a child into your life. In some instances, when an Illinois parent remarries, their new spouse may form an exceptional bond with their child. This bond can be cemented through a stepparent adoption, although there can be obstacles to overcome before reaching that goal.

During a divorce, it's okay to stand up for your rights

When discussing the divorce process, much of the attention may appear to be focused on how to sail through as smoothly as possible. However, at times, this is simply not possible. For some people in Illinois who are going through a divorce, there may be times when it is simply okay to disagree with how things are proceeding. 

Griffin's divorce disagreements heating up

Most people in Illinois are likely following the divorce of local billionaire Ken Griffin and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Anne. Recent reports have noted that Mrs. Griffin has filed a petition to have their prenuptial agreement invalidated in their divorce proceedings. However, Mr. Griffin has rebutted several of her accusations.

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