Although we often discuss various actions that may be beneficial during divorce proceedings on this blog, what actions to avoid may be just as important. While it is possible to readdress things such as custody arrangements, child support and even alimony payments after a divorce is settled, returning to court can be a time-consuming and costly effort for those in Illinois. If you’d like to hopefully have everything settled the first time around, here are a few things you may wish to avoid. 

If you’re ready to end your marriage, but aren’t fully aware of the financial status that you and your spouse are in, it may not be the right time to file for divorce. In some situations, a spouse may take on an enormous amount of debt without telling the other, or there may be significant money or assets stashed in a secret account. If you head straight for divorce without taking the time to understand all of the finances that may come into play, you could possibly set yourself up for a divorce settlement that leaves you with the short end of the stick.

In addition to jumping into a divorce before you’re ready, settling quickly may not be the most beneficial course of action. It’s understandable that many people may simply wish to have a divorce done and over with, but a quick settlement can result in an unfair division of assets. If your spouse is pressuring you to take what they are offering, even if its less than what you are entitled to, you can push to continue negotiations or mediation until the settlement reflects a more fair division of assets or alimony.

Aside from neglecting to understand the full breadth of a marriage’s financial status, settling too soon can seriously impact an Illinois divorcee’s quality of life. Even if it becomes necessary to proceed to court after mutual negotiations and mediation have broken down, it may be worth it to fight for what you are entitled to. Often, going back to court after a divorce has already been finalized can end up costing you more in the end.

Source: The Huffington Post, “The Top 7 Mistakes Women Make In Divorce, According To A Lawyer Who’s Seen It All“, Adriana Velez, Sept. 15, 2014