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Harold Hamm and wife in court concerning division of property

Harold Hamm and his soon-to-be ex-wife recently entered their second week in court over disagreements concerning their divorce settlement. Hamm, who is an oil tycoon billionaire, apparently objects to the division of property, based on the way in which he earned his money. Either way, his divorce has the potential to be one of the most expensive in history. Illinois couples who are readying to divorce should be aware of how assets were earned, as this can affect property division.

Professional athletes deal with divorce and alimony

Professional athletes often appear to be in the media on a regular basis, although not always for a great play on the field. While lately that focus has narrowed in on issues of domestic abuse, a more prevalent issue is the divorce rate for professional athletes in Illinois and across the United States. These men and women experience divorce at a rate more than 50 percent higher than the rest of America.

Prenuptial agreements can address more than division of property

In previous years, some people in Illinois might have viewed prenuptial agreements as something that only wealthy individuals needed to worry about. However, these types of agreements are still highly relevant to those without many assets to their name. In addition to pre-determining the division of property, a prenup can also address a burgeoning financial obligation that many people now shoulder.

Division of property should take current finances into account

Divorcing a spouse who has little other than “winning” the settlement on their mind can be overwhelming for some people in Illinois. However, it is important to note that the value of assets is not necessarily the most important consideration. When it comes to the division of property during a divorce, looking ahead can be invaluable.

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