For some, a divorce settlement signals the end of the legal road that couples end up winding down. The former spouse of Frank McCourt, a man who once owned the Dodgers of Major League Baseball, was apparently unhappy about how much he sold the team for after their divorce. She went back to court and claimed that her ex hadn’t been entirely honest about the value of the team during their divorce proceedings. Should someone in Illinois wish to challenge their divorce settlement, they may benefit by first carefully examining the terms of the original judgment.

McCourt was accused of understating the team’s total value to his ex-wife, Jamie McCourt. In 2012, he received $2 billion for selling the team not long after his divorce. In the settlement, his ex-wife had only received $131 million, although she also received a few homes.

Claiming that he purposely undervalued the team before their divorce ended, she returned to court to contest the divorce settlement, which, if successful, may have resulted in an award of more money for her. However, the judge overseeing the case did not agree with her. McCourt then requested that his ex be responsible for his nearly $2 million in legal fees, although she tried to argue that his expenses were a little excessive.

Despite that, she was still ordered to reimburse her ex-husband for his legal fees. Jamie McCourt was granted 15 days to file an objection before the ruling becomes final, but is unclear whether she will take advantage of that option. In Illinois, even if there was no language in the divorce decree dictating that one party should be responsible for the other’s legal fees in certain circumstances, it is still possible to seek compensation for legal fees that were incurred after an ex-spouse contests a divorce settlement and fails.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Frank McCourt’s Ex-Wife Must Pay Him $1.9 Million In Legal Fees”, Anthony McCartney, June 27, 2014