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Illinois billionaire Ken Griffin to divorce wife of 11 years

After 11 years of marriage, Ken Griffin -- the founder of Citadel -- filed for divorce from his wife. The 45-year-old Illinois CEO claimed that irreconcilable differences had led to the eventual need for the divorce. Although there was apparently a prenuptial agreement signed by both parties, with substantial assets involved, division of property might not be so clear cut.

Sherri Shepherd locked in dispute over child support and custody

Establishing child custody and support is generally one of the top priorities for divorcing parents. However, as advances in science have allowed parents in both Illinois and across the country to have children through surrogates or other means, new issues surrounding child support and custody may arise. After Sherri Shepherd’s divorce was recently announced, questions concerning the custody of her and Lamar Sally's unborn child were almost immediately raised.

In a digital age, signing a prenup can ease divorce tensions

Baby pictures, engagement announcements and funny cartoons tend to fill up social network web sites such as Facebook. Now, a recent study claims that participating in these kinds of social network sites can lead couples in Illinois and across the country down the path of divorce. In an ever-increasing digital world where having a social network page might appear as common as holding a valid driver’s license, protecting an individual’s best interest might include a prenuptial agreement.

Frank McCourt's divorce settlement contested, ex must pay fees

For some, a divorce settlement signals the end of the legal road that couples end up winding down. The former spouse of Frank McCourt, a man who once owned the Dodgers of Major League Baseball, was apparently unhappy about how much he sold the team for after their divorce. She went back to court and claimed that her ex hadn't been entirely honest about the value of the team during their divorce proceedings. Should someone in Illinois wish to challenge their divorce settlement, they may benefit by first carefully examining the terms of the original judgment.

Waiting for divorce? What women should know.

When Illinois women consider or initiate the divorce process, one of the most commonly voiced concerns regards finances. Women may be tempted to delay a divorce for many reasons, but it should be a priority to get finances organized before moving forward. With the proper planning and assistance, women can face the divorce process confident that they are prepared for the future.

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