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Child custody favoring joint status more frequently

One of the most commonly held pieces of divorce wisdom is that the courts favor the mother in custody battles. In reality, both here in Illinois and elsewhere throughout the nation, child custody has become a more complicated matter. More and more, courts and parents alike are favoring joint custody over sole custody. In tandem with the rise of joint custody, the prevalence of maternal custody is dropping.

Managing finances helpful in divorce proceedings

As with many things in life, it is best to be as prepared as possible before embarking on a marital separation. Illinois residents can attest that divorce can be a trying experience both emotionally and fiscally, and the more one can come to the negotiation table with some pre-planning under one's belt, the more likely it is that the process will proceed smoothly. While no one can pretend to have all their bases covered during such an emotional time, there are several ways that both individuals can prepare themselves for the proceedings.

Gray divorce often the result of "empty nest syndrome"

We have all heard of empty nest syndrome -- when grown children leave the home, parents are left to realign their lives and rediscover one another as spouses. Sadly, as some Illinois residents can attest, this does not always go as planned, and more and more experts are pointing to the empty nest as a key cause of late-life or "gray" divorce. The challenges faced by those attempting late-life divorce are unique and require special support to overcome.

Divorce more likely if spouse is ill, study says

It is well-known that chronic illness can have a negative effect on a marriage, but apparently the effect is more profound than what has been previously believed. In defiance of the "sickness and health" custom perpetuated by the traditional marriage model, it appears that chronic illness can lead couples to divorce. Here in Illinois, the potential for divorce based on illness can have repercussions on how property is divided, so it can benefit both spouses to understand their rights ahead of filing for divorce.

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