Illinois society seems to have adjusted to smaller families with not more than three children. Even with three children, a family’s finances can be stretched. There are, however, those who always yearn to have a large and happy family with lots of children. Many families decide on adoption after fostering a child for some time.

It is a sad fact that many dysfunctional families are also those with lots of children. When circumstances get to a stage where abused or neglected children are removed by the state, they are invariably split up and placed with different foster families. Although it would be great if siblings could remain together, not many foster parents are willing to oblige. This was until one family in another state came along and, not only fostered five siblings, but actually adopted them legally.

When Child Protective Services removed five siblings from the home of relatives in 2011, a family who already had three children at home offered to foster all five of them. They blended into the family perfectly and were legally adopted recently. The courtroom was filled with happy emotion and the chatter of children, and even the judge became emotional.

Foster families in Illinois, who may be considering adoption of their foster children, may want to explore the many sources of information that are available. It may also be beneficial to gain knowledge related to the financial and other support that is available from private and public sources. Seeking legal guidance may help the applicants cope with the intricacies of state laws related to adoption.

Source:, Extraordinary adoption: Butte family opens arms to five new siblings, Angela Brandt, March 10, 2014