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Prevalence of divorce rising, according to studies

It has been long assumed, courtesy of information now considered inaccurate, that divorce rates in America have been steadily dropping over the last 30 years. However, new studies that may shock Illinois residents reveal quite the opposite. Although more young people are currently choosing cohabitation over traditional marriage, those who did "tie the knot" are untying it with more regularity, and divorce levels are apparently still on the rise.

Divorce may present additional challenges to at-home parents

When a couple separates, each individual's standard of living will necessarily change as they transition into a single-income household, particularly where children are concerned. Divorce with children typically requires one parent to take on the role of "primary" caregiver, which is to say the parent responsible for the child or children the majority of the time. As Illinois residents are well aware, this can be a costly endeavor, particularly for parents who chose to stay at home to raise their children.

Determining tax exemptions in cases of divorce

It's common knowledge that asset division is part of any marital separation. However, some Illinois residents may not think of child-related tax exemptions as an asset to be divided in the case of divorce. Many divorced parents are unaware of how to handle which spouse claims a child or children on their yearly tax return, and this can lead to complications during the divorce process if it is not fully understood.

Adoption of 5 siblings by foster family with 3 of their own

Illinois society seems to have adjusted to smaller families with not more than three children. Even with three children, a family's finances can be stretched. There are, however, those who always yearn to have a large and happy family with lots of children. Many families decide on adoption after fostering a child for some time.

Divorce rate climbing over last 30 years, new study shows

It has been long believed that the United States' divorce rates have been steadily declining since the late 1970s. But new information brought to light by a recent study and changes to census practices has suggested the opposite may be true. Divorce here in Illinois and across the nation may actually be on the rise, particularly among the elderly.

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