The only thing more difficult than a marital separation can sometimes be explaining the change in life to children. Illinois residents who have gone through divorce are aware of how difficult a separation can be on any kids involved in the situation. Some observers have suggested strategies for telling children about divorce that can work toward easing through a complicated transition with a minimum of negative fallout.

While communication is a key part of this process, some believe it is important to limit the amount of information shared — especially with young children. Maintaining a focus on the positive elements of the situation, most notably reinforcing the fact that both parents still love their children and do not blame them for the divorce, can be beneficial. Children are perceptive, so it can be vital to involve them in the conversation to avoid them drawing their own conclusions.

Additionally, it can help if both parents are on the “same page” when approaching the issue of divorce. Avoiding negative comments to children about the other parent can help maintain a positive relationship between child and parent. Telling children jointly about the divorce can also present a united front that many children may find comforting during a time of emotional upheaval.

Illinois parents considering divorce almost assuredly want what is best for their children. This means it is preferable to explain the situation in a rational and optimistic framework in order to help smooth the transition for kids. A solid understanding of divorce law as it pertains to child support and custody can also help lighten the load on the road to a successful separation.

Source:, How to tell your children about the divorce, No author, Feb. 23, 2014