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Smoothing the divorce transition with children important

The only thing more difficult than a marital separation can sometimes be explaining the change in life to children. Illinois residents who have gone through divorce are aware of how difficult a separation can be on any kids involved in the situation. Some observers have suggested strategies for telling children about divorce that can work toward easing through a complicated transition with a minimum of negative fallout.

For some, 10 years is the magic number in divorce

Once an Illinois resident has made the decision to seek a divorce, retirement issues are most likely near the bottom of their priority list at the current moment. For the individual in his or her 20s, 30s or 40s, this may not be an issue. However, for an individual in his or her 50s or more, retirement issues are something to keep in mind when making divorce decisions.

Divorce situation could trigger Internal Revenue Service audit

Few people like to hear the phrase "Internal Revenue Service," and they especially may loathe getting letters from this organization. Their fear typically is founded in the fact that an Internal Revenue Service audit may cause one to have to pay back taxes or potentially incur other penalties, depending on a person's situation in Illinois. In some cases, the stressful experience of being audited can easily follow a divorce, and if one's spouse was the person who appears to have triggered the audit, there are some protections available.

Divorce rates on the rise as the economy recovers

Previous wisdom held that in times of economic struggle, marital bonds would be weakened and relationships would fail at higher rates. When looking at the statistics on the subject, however, a different trend emerges. It appears that when times are tough, divorce rates actually decline. There are a number of ways to interpret these statistics, and some Illinois spouses may find their own scenario mirrored in the theories surrounding divorce and financial hardship.

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