Amidst rumors regarding a potential affair with a former aide, a state senator’s wife from an eastern state is seeking a separation from her illustrious husband. The senator’s wife filed for divorce on Dec. 27, after 14 years of marriage. As Illinois residents may already have heard, the woman is seeking permanent alimony among a number of other considerations in the proceedings.

The alleged indiscretions are said to have occurred between 2010 and 2011 and involved a woman who served as a senator’s aide during that time. Representation for the senator has asked the press for its discretion in reporting the specifics of the case, as the details alleged may be detrimental to the senator’s career. This may be due to the upcoming 2014 General Assembly and the potential that exists for blackmail or other misuse of said information.

A statement released to the press has ensured constituents the impending divorce will have no bearing on the senator’s ability to do his job in Maryland. In the meantime, his estranged wife is seeking considerable financial relief, including full ownership of their home. The case is currently being overseen in a local court setting.

In many states throughout the nation, including Illinois, adultery is considered grounds for divorce. Should compelling evidence of an indiscretion be brought forth in this particular case, it is possible that a finding of adultery could result in a judgment of divorce for the wife. Unless the parties are able to come to an agreement among themselves about how to divide their marital assets and liabilities, the court will be called upon to do so. A finding of adultery, particularly if evidence exists of marital assets being diverted to pursue the extramarital affair, could influence a court’s decision about how to equitably divide the remaining assets between the parties.

Source:, Senator’s wife files for divorce, alleges adultery with former aide, Gail Dean, Jan. 4, 2014