In a month typified by its association with “fresh starts,” it may seem unsurprising that January is the most common month for a marital separation to take place. Illinois residents facing divorce may choose to do so after the holidays have passed. However, divorce always brings with it a unique set of challenges to be faced down by both spouses.

The standard of living to which both parties have become accustomed may change drastically in the first years following a divorce, as both individuals come to terms with the full responsibility of household expenses. Creating an itemized list and budget for expenses can be helpful in sorting out finances early on. This can be particularly helpful if one or both spouses is dealing with child custody.

Understanding the advice given by a lawyer is also critical to the separation process. While many law practitioners will do their best to thoroughly explain concepts and principles associated with the divorce proceeding, the truth is it can be a complicated matter. Asking questions and requesting clarification on key points can mean the difference between an informed understanding of rights and responsibilities during the process and needless confusion.

There are many factors that play into a divorce, as many Illinois residents can attest. The more comprehensive an individual’s understanding of the divorce process, the more likely it is that the filing will proceed affably and expediently. This can help to ensure both parties are able to move forward into their new lives with a minimum of hassle.

Source: The Huffington Post, 5 Nuances of Divorce You Need to Know, Kerri Zane, Dec. 26, 2013