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Illinois parents can help children deal with divorce

it is no secret that a separation is profoundly difficult on everyone involved, but this is particularly true of younger children who may not have the critical faculties necessary to fully understand the implications of the situation. Thankfully, many experts agree that Illinois parents going through a divorce can use several tactics to help ease their children through the challenging transition. This can help to foster strong familial bonds in the future despite the family dynamic being different.

Illinois residents facing "grey divorce" learn to cope

Divorce can be an isolating experience for couples of any age as it requires a shift in thinking away from an "us" mentality towards a "me" mentality that may not have come into play for many years. This is particularly true for those Illinois residents experiencing so-called "gray divorce", or a separation in late life. Experts suggest that individuals may benefit from reaching out for support and ensuring they are well-versed in their rights and responsibilities throughout the divorce process, perhaps even more so than their younger counterparts that are also confronting divorce proceedings.

Determining ownership of a family pet during Illinois divorce

Domesticated animals are an integral part of American family life, considering the number of people who own dogs, cats and other household pets number in the millions. However, the Illinois court system does not view a beloved pet the same way its owners might -- in fact, most state courts identify a pet as property. This brings up the very important question -- in a divorce situation, who gets "custody" of the pet?

Illinois couples facing divorce may prefer settlement meeting

As a general rule, there are two standard ways a divorce can be conducted. The first is through a "settlement meeting", which involves both parties sitting down with a mediator outside a courtroom setting to discuss division of assets. The second is a "legislated" divorce, which of course is governed by the Illinois court system. Some experts say the first option is preferable as it tends to be a faster and more efficient way to complete the process, but even outside a courtroom, it is important for both parties not to get bogged down by avoidable hindrances.

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