While some experts have noted that divorce rates in the United States have been dropping incrementally over the last few years, millions of Americans still seek separations each year. Many experts have urged Illinois residents seeking a divorce to keep an accurate and thorough record of the divorce process. This can help representation to effectively lobby at the negotiating table to ensure an amicable and equitable divorce for both parties.

Experts are quick to note that it is easier now than ever before in history to get a divorce. When once upon a time a three-year separation was necessary for a divorce petition to be considered, most states will allow an uncontested divorce to pass after only one year of separation. Of course, each state’s laws are different, and those seeking a divorce are reminded to become versed in their individual state’s laws and requirements when it comes to marriage dissolution.

Changes have also been made to how certain assets are divided. IRAs and pensions in particular are now divided by the courts, which is a relatively new advancement in the field of divorce law. It is important to understand how these changes will influence an individual’s case in order to help ensure both spouses are given the full amount to which they are entitled.

Divorce is never an easy process, but it can be made easier by a foreknowledge of the rights and responsibilities each spouse has and must meet. In Illinois, these requirements may be different than in other states, so it can be helpful to become familiar with state-specific requirements. Finally, keeping a full record of the divorce process can provide representation with the information necessary to ensure a divorce is as equitable as possible.

Source: americannewsreport.com, Keep Good Notes When Getting a Divorce, Ed Coghlan, Sept. 12, 2013