It is very common in the public consciousness to think of a marital separation from the female perspective. However, as many Illinois residents can attest, divorce can be just as much a challenge for the male member of the marriage. It is important for men to be educated about their rights as well as their responsibilities before approaching the negotiation table.

Alimony can be a touchy subject for some men — on one hand, they may feel as though they should not have to pay out further money to support a former spouse, and on the other hand they may be reticent to accept it. In the first instance, men are encouraged to remember that alimony payments are often tax deductible depending upon the state. In the second instance, it is important for a man eligible for alimony to not let pride stand in the way of the payment to which he is entitled.

In terms of child care, many men are concerned that the money they are providing is actually going to support their children. To help set their minds at ease, some experts suggest setting up payment plans that allow for the father to pay for services for the child directly, rather than affording a lump sum to a former spouse. This can help to ensure the father feels better about where his money is going.

Divorce in Illinois, as with many other places in the country, can be a complicated process. It is only through foreknowledge and proper planning that a man can approach a divorce settlement with confidence. Difficult as it may be, working with a former spouse to hammer out details prior to the filing can be beneficial, as can seeking impartial advice in the matter.

Source: Forbes, What Every Man Needs To Know About The Financial Side Of Divorce, Hayley Krischer, Sept. 27, 2013