In an unusual study, an independent research group determined that stepfathers may be more likely to separate from their new partners than men in so-called “traditional” marriages. The study goes on to suggest that a variety of factors may contribute to this type of divorce. Illinois residents may be interested to note the statistics associated with this report.

According to the report, approximately 61 percent of polled stepfathers said that when their latest marriage ended, they were the ones who initiated divorce proceedings. The report said each of the men polled had at least one step child at the time of the separation. According to outside sources, only 30 percent of men in their first marriage with children initiated divorces.

The report went on to state that arguments about children topped the list of reasons for seeking a separation, with a feeling of being underappreciated coming in a close second. Many of the men polled felt as though their roles as parental figures in the lives of their stepchildren were unclear. A separate study found the best way to integrate a stepfather into a family situation is to communicate effectively about parenting techniques and encourage children to vent frustration in a healthy and positive way.

Step families can be extremely complicated for all parties involved, as many Illinois families can attest. Unfortunately, not every new family works out the way their members might want, and divorce can be part of that equation. It is helpful for parents to seek out assistance in negotiating divorce settlements in an efficient and equitable way in order for the whole family to move on in a positive direction.

Source: Huffington Post, “Divorce Study Shows That Stepdads Are More Likely To Divorce Their Wives,” Aug. 9, 2013