A prominent former Attorney General is facing the end of his marriage, according to some sources. Illinois residents may be familiar with the story of Eliot Spitzer, the former Governor who stepped down in the face of a sex scandal that alleged he hired prostitutes and was unfaithful to his wife. Now his wife is apparently seeking a divorce that may well be connected to the issue of his alleged infidelity.

Spitzer, who is about to hit the campaign trail in his bid to become the Comptroller in his home state, said recently that his wife would not be joining him. He cited her career as the primary motivator for her absence, and claimed that voters would judge him by his platform and not who was with him on the podium. His wife, Silda, tells a somewhat different story according to some sources.

According to friends close to the couple, Mrs. Spitzer is considering filing for divorce from her husband, citing that the public scrutiny of their relationship has become “too much” in the intervening time since Mr. Spitzer was publicly accused of spending nearly $80,000 on a series of high-priced escorts. Mr. Spitzer and his wife are allegedly living in separate apartments. There has been no confirmation from either spouse about the veracity of the divorce claims as yet.

Here in Illinois, divorce can be predicated on irreconcilable differences, and adultery can often be viewed as a catalyst for such a claim. In any situation, it is important for both parties involved in a divorce to understand their rights and responsibilities during the process. A fuller understanding of divorce proceedings can help to smooth the transition into a new life for both parties.

Source: New York Magazine, “Silda Spitzer Isn’t Press Shy, Wants a Divorce,” Margaret Hartmann, July 26, 2013