Arguing is a perfectly normal and healthy part of an adult romantic relationship, but some fights are also warning signs, according to some experts. Fighting about money can send up a red flag to Illinois residents that their marriage might be in trouble. Some research exists to suggest that money woes can lead a couple to divorce faster than other points of contention in the relationship.

Findings from a university study have suggested that the worst fights a couple can experience are almost always about money, ousting children, sex and other relationship stumbling blocks for the top spot. Additionally, it has been found that both men and women have a harder time moving past money-based arguments, taking longer to cool down and being more likely to flare back up again. Couples use harsher language against one another in money-related spats as well, which lead to more deeply hurt feelings.

Finally, it is not just those struggling to make ends meet for whom financial disagreements can spell trouble. According to the study, even the most affluent couples can be adversely affected by arguing about their checkbooks. Many experts suggest financial planning assistance and even prenuptial agreements as ways to stem these fights before they begin and help to preserve the relationship no matter what the economy might have to say about it.

A couple can come to the decision to divorce by a variety of paths, as many Illinois residents are keenly aware. While it is laudable to do everything in one’s power to preserve a relationship, sometimes the best move for all concerned is to seek out support and information that will help bring about an amicable, equitable end to a marriage that just is not working out. Dealing effectively with money issues can help to bring an end to those arguments during the divorce process, helping both parties move on to more fulfilling lives.

Source:, “Arguing about money a top predictor for divorce,” Kathleen Blanchard, July 14, 2013