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Arguments over finances may predict divorce, experts say

Arguing is a perfectly normal and healthy part of an adult romantic relationship, but some fights are also warning signs, according to some experts. Fighting about money can send up a red flag to Illinois residents that their marriage might be in trouble. Some research exists to suggest that money woes can lead a couple to divorce faster than other points of contention in the relationship.

Children often ask important questions during divorce

A separation is never easy on anyone involved, but children may be the hardest hit of all. Illinois parents who have gone through a divorce know that children can often blame themselves and seek reassurance from their parents. While it is best to conclude a divorce quickly and amicably to ensure the transition is as easy as possible, there are ways to mitigate hurt by answering children's questions as they arise.

Young children hit hardest by divorce, survey says

While it is common knowledge that a separation is a difficult transition for any family, a new study suggests that children whose parents divorce early in their lives may have a harder time connecting with their parents. Illinois children of divorce understand the complex feelings that can come with a separation, but young children are often not capable of dealing with those feelings in the same way as older children or adults. However, it appears as though the long-term effects are not as drastic as some parents may fear.

Dividing marital assets in divorce can be complicated

One of the most challenging aspects of a separation is the division of marital assets. Everything from retirement plans to art collections must be appraised and divided in order to ensure equality in a divorce settlement, as many Illinois residents are well aware. But one asset that often escapes the attention of couples in the midst of a separation is, strangely, frequent flyer miles.

Parenting during and after divorce can be challenging

Separations are rarely easy on involved parties, least of all on the children of unions that are ending. However, many experts agree that parenting tactics both during and after a divorce can benefit from careful planning. Illinois residents facing a divorce situation may find it helpful to consider so-called "co-parenting" tactics to help ease their children through a difficult transition.

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