Some prospective parents won’t let anything get in their way in the pursuit of adopting a child. For Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold, known to Illinois fans as the stars of the reality show “The Little Couple,” their adoption dreams came true when they travelled to the Far East to adopt their new son William Rijin. This was a tremendous boon to the couple who have long desired a child of their own.

The couple has overcome considerable adversity on their road to adoption. After Arnold was told she could suffer fatal complications related to their dwarfism if she became pregnant, the couple worked with a surrogate but suffered two miscarriages. Thankfully, the couple was hooked up with an international organization dedicated to helping children with special needs find appropriate homes.

William Rijin was born in a poor Chinese province and, like his new parents, has a form of dwarfism, which reduced his chances of being placed through traditional adoption means. The couple travelled to China in March to meet the child, who recognized them from photos sent by the agency. The family took Will home and have been raising him ever since.

Stories like these are an inspiration to prospective parents in Illinois and elsewhere throughout the nation. Parents who seek out adoption as a way of caring for a child of their own should be buoyed by stories like that of Bill and Jennifer, who despite their celebrity status, faced considerable adversity in finding a child to call their own. Parents should be encouraged to seek out more information about the options available to them in terms of adoption: often, there are more than one might think.

Source:, “Inside The Little Couple’s Adoption Journey,” Alicia Dennis, May 4, 2013