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Children of divorce may require additional support

When a child's parents undergo a separation, it is almost guaranteed to be difficult for the child to accept. Illinois parents going through a divorce understand that a child's emotions may be delicate during the process. It can be beneficial, therefore, to employ specific tactics in helping a child come to terms with a separation, up to and including the potential for external assistance for children and parents alike.

Benefits and detriments of a prenuptial agreement in divorce

No one wants to enter a marriage anticipating its collapse, but with half of all marriages in the U.S. ending in divorce, many people believe a prenuptial agreement may be helpful in protecting your assets should the marriage end badly. Of course, not everyone shares this opinion: some experts believe prenups should be the province only of high-asset divorce. Illinois residents should understand both sides of this argument before making a decision for themselves.

Adoption a welcome joy for reality show couple

Some prospective parents won't let anything get in their way in the pursuit of adopting a child. For Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold, known to Illinois fans as the stars of the reality show "The Little Couple," their adoption dreams came true when they travelled to the Far East to adopt their new son William Rijin. This was a tremendous boon to the couple who have long desired a child of their own.

New bill in Illinois will change child support regulations

A new bill, stemming from the case of a man who provided support for a child that wasn't biologically his, has been approved by the senate. The measure comes on the heels of an Illinois child support case that captured the attention of a senator who vowed to help the man seek compensation. The bill has not yet been made law, but it received a unanimous vote from Illinois senators.

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