In the past, closed adoptions were very much the norm and open adoptions the rare exception. These days, however, it is becoming more common for biological and adoptive parents in Illinois to enter into the process of open adoption. The instant communication pathway that is the Internet has made it even easier for children to search for their birth parents once they reach that decision. This, plus the fact that many experts point out that open adoption can be good for everyone involved, means that it may no longer be quite as scary as it previously seemed.

In many open adoptions, birth parents get the opportunity to have consistent and ongoing contact with adoptive parents. This can give them the peace of mind to know that their children are being well-provided for; something that can make a heart-wrenching decision feel like it truly was the right choice. It can also give adoptive parents the reassurance that their children’s birth parents aren’t second-guessing the adoption process. That can sometimes provide them with a greater level of comfort as they do take steps to involve birth parents in their children’s lives.

In the past, so much of the adoption process was shrouded in secrecy, which could have the unintended side effect of making children feel insecure and wanting answers about where they came from, biologically speaking. These days, it is becoming more possible for adoptive and birth parents to work together to make sure all of their children’s emotional needs are being met along with the physical. This can help all of the people involved feel a sense of pride over adoption.

Illinois parents who are considering giving their children up for adoption may wish to look into the opportunities for seeking an open adoption. This may help them feel a greater sense of peace with what is a difficult decision for most parents. Further, adoptive parents may find that it actually strengthens their own relationships with their adopted children, since they won’t find themselves feeling a potential sense that something is lacking if they don’t know anything about their birth families. Of course, this is a sensitive decision that each family must reach on an individual basis.

Source: The Register-Guard, “Open adoption fosters relationships that benefit child,” Shari Levine, April 8, 2013