A not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping prospective parents with the financial burden associated with the adoption process has begun reaching out to larger corporations in the hope of extending their services. The Illinois-based grassroots movement was founded in 1996 and has since helped hundreds of families come together through generous financial support. The adoption process can be notoriously expensive, and the organization exists to help mitigate those costs for families that would otherwise be exceptional adoptive households.

The Illinois chapter of the Gift of Adoption was started in 2003 and has since helped complete over 225 adoptions worldwide, thanks to the more than $666,000 they have awarded to families meeting their requirements. The organization provides special attention to cases involving “at risk” children, including those with disabilities and others with siblings they try to keep together. Representatives say many prospective parents are already in difficult financial straits after attempting fertility treatments to have their own children, and may not be prepared for the financial burden the adoption process can place on them.

The organization is bolstered by the rave reviews of the families they have helped over the years, many of whom credit the success of their adoption processes to the charity. Up until a few years ago, the organization was funded strictly through private donations. A brand-new board of directors under new leadership is now approaching larger corporation with the hope of securing more sizeable donations from these large interests.

Families embarking on the road to adoption face many challenges along the way. Financial burdens are certainly one of those challenges, but many options are available to aid a suitable family in the complicated process. It may be valuable for prospective parents in Illinois and beyond to educate themselves on all the potential options for support during their adoption process.

Source: Northbrook Star, “Corporate grants would help Northbrook adoption group aid more families,” Pat Krochmal, April 23, 2013