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Illinois adoption support charity seeks corporate grants

A not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping prospective parents with the financial burden associated with the adoption process has begun reaching out to larger corporations in the hope of extending their services. The Illinois-based grassroots movement was founded in 1996 and has since helped hundreds of families come together through generous financial support. The adoption process can be notoriously expensive, and the organization exists to help mitigate those costs for families that would otherwise be exceptional adoptive households.

New bill in Illinois set to change divorce law

A bipartisan group has drafted a new bill that is set to cause major changes throughout family law in Illinois. The Family Law Study Committee has been gathering information from a variety of sources throughout Illinois for four years, including judges, advocates, and other experts. The newly drafted bill seeks to make changes to the three-decade old state divorce laws. The bill, called HB 1452, is currently in deliberation.

Problems with mortgage loan can arise despite divorce settlement

The disposition of the marital home in a divorce is often a sticky issue. The general principles regarding how to dispose of the marital residence in a divorce are similar in Illinois and the rest of the country. Usually, a jointly-owned residence will have a mortgage on it. This raises the issue of who will get the house and who will to make the payments.

Open adoption becoming more common in Illinois and nationwide

In the past, closed adoptions were very much the norm and open adoptions the rare exception. These days, however, it is becoming more common for biological and adoptive parents in Illinois to enter into the process of open adoption. The instant communication pathway that is the Internet has made it even easier for children to search for their birth parents once they reach that decision. This, plus the fact that many experts point out that open adoption can be good for everyone involved, means that it may no longer be quite as scary as it previously seemed.

Joint custody can influence children's reactions post-divorce

Dating after a divorce is difficult for anyone, but it is especially complicated for single people with children. Introducing a new person into their lives can be difficult for all parties involved. Marriage professionals in Illinois and elsewhere have suggested that joint custody, when combined with other strategies, can help mitigate the effects of mom or dad starting a new life.

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